Dec 162013

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This makes the point that information is a form of aid or it could be after a disaster. On the other hand, becoming engrossed in too much news after a disaster could be harmful to your health. They’re finding now that genetics factors into how people respond to disasters. I wonder if this finding also applies to those not actually involved first-hand but participate vicariously?

It’s well documented that residents in Canterbury are still suffering from the 2011 earthquake. Also, I was dumbstruck by the shear volume and decidedly lopsided gender impact the conflict in Syria has had.

We tend to focus on the humanitarian side of disasters. However, the economic impact should also be a concern, especially when it comes to the value of mitigation. The Mayor of San Francisco wants more earthquake retrofit money for fire and police stations. Another good article on mitigation benefits may be found relating to built environments. It’s pretty obvious that Turkish authorities are not focused on the humanitarian side of conflicts.

Just when you thought you knew where to find safety, researchers put together a map to point out new earthquake-prone areas.

People who take preparedness to heart are those that have experienced disasters first-hand. The Japanese have done some amazingly innovative work in this area. A must read.

On the health and medical front, this article on disaster-proofing health care should be on your reading list. The loss of an EMS provider in six states is also worth noting. A hospital that cannot find a missing patient until she’s deceased suggests that the hospital’s plans and procedures are faulty. On the positive side, Ohio is making advancements in pre-hospital care.

I am still trying understand running naked for better disaster management. It’s innovative, if not entertaining. Finally, a celebrity endorses the importance of disaster preparedness! Check out this interview with Dolly Parton.

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